Anti-inflammatory Pantry Detox Guide


Let me guide you to purge out your kitchen and set it up for clean, anti-inflammatory eating! 

Whether you are getting started on a gluten, dairy and refined sugar free diet, or it's something you've lived for a while, this guide will show you how to organize your kitchen and set it up for success! 

Through this guide we will:

  • detox your pantry, purging it of foods that are causing you disease.
  • restock it with some of my favorite foods and pantry essentials that will nourish your body.
  • do some label reading that is, in my opinion, a crucial life skill in today's prepackaged world.
  • learn some of the most controversial ingredients to look out for in skin and home care products!

 PLUS  I give you recommendations for cleaner alternatives for products that I love and use myself! 

This ebook is accessible on any device. Simply download it and keep it handy to make reading nutrition labels easier when out at the grocery store.

* Please note: This is an electronic, downloadable book. It is not a print copy therefore refunds are not available once purchased. 

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You'll get: A roadmap to detoxing your kitchen, A list of some common controversial ingredients found in packaged foods, and product recommendations so that you can stock your pantry with products that I buy and use myself!

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Anti-inflammatory Pantry Detox Guide

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