The Jumpstart Course


A program for busy women who want to heal with food shifts and lifestyle tweaks.

Masterclasses on foundational topics such as:


Delicious + healthy recipes that you can make for the whole family! Are you ready to learn? Let's go!!

"I gained confidence in being able to carry a healthier lifestyle with ease. And

also eating more greens. My primary focus was to make better choices for

my autoimmune condition….I also do a lot of meal prep at home which eases

the burden and tension. Thanks for giving me a fighting chance!"

- Fatima S.

I want this!
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Go from sick and overwhelmed to empowered and thriving! This course is self paced. Watch all at once or one class at a time!

A Pantry Detox Guide
Clean out your pantry ( and beauty and skin care drawer) with my help
Healthy Food Swap List
Eat this not that!
Product Recommendations
So you can rest assured that what you're eating is on plan!
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The Jumpstart Course

I want this!